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What Are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures differ from full or partial dentures because these dentures are attached on to a dental implant base. You’ll know you have a secure fit when you hear it click into place.

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About Implant Retained Overdentures

What are implant dentures?

Getting implant dentures can take longer than most other services due to the implant placement, but there are many advantages to having denture implants. It allows for a very secure fit and enhances stability and retention when you talk or eat. They also protect bone health by filling in the unused bone with dental implants preventing bone deterioration.

They are also very durable and don’t require as many replacements. Normal cleaning and periodic adjustments are all they need.

Any Surgical Or Invasive Procedure Carries Risks. Before Proceeding, You Should Seek A Second Opinion From An Appropriately Qualified Health Practitioner.

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