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Full Dentures

A full or complete denture service is when the entire upper or lower teeth are missing. How full denture sets fit in your mouth differs depending on whether it is the upper set or lower. It does require a little getting used to, but here at Emerald Denture Clinic, we aim to give you the best quality and best-fitting dentures.

Full Dentures

Quick Tips & Tricks

Upper dentures stay in place with suction and muscle control

Do not use toothpaste to clean your dentures. It is abrasive and harsh on your dentures.

Lower dentures stay in place with muscle control involving the tongue, cheeks and lips.

When cleaning or brushing your dentures, fill your sink with water. It will provide a softer landing if it slips from your hands.

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If you have any questions about cleaning or taking care of your dentures, we would love to teach you. If you are still unsure how to care for your dentures, bring them in, and we’ll clean them for you! We want you to feel confident with your smile.

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