Eating with New Dentures

With the festive season approaching very fast, and the better social summer weather, everyone enjoys going out to catch up with friends and family.

And let’s not forget Christmas breakfast’s, lunches and dinners or the massive spread that’s put on for New Year celebrations! So your dentures will get a workout, and if you have a new set, it’s understandable if you’re a little nervous.

So we have listed a few tips on how to adjust to life with new dentures, so you are able to enjoy this festive season.
Slow and steady wins the race
With your new-found freedom, you could be excited to eat your favourite foods again. Eating with dentures is different from eating with your natural teeth, so taking it slow and steady at the start will help you as you adjust to life with your new dentures. 
  • Cutting your food into smaller pieces or into thin strips will make it easier to chew
  • Use both sides of your mouth to chew
  • Eat softer foods like scrambled eggs, smoothies, fully cooked pasta, cooked vegetables, fish and soups to begin with as you get used to your dentures. 
Take care when biting, and use both sides
Avoid biting at the front of your teeth as this could lead to your dentures being dislodged. Using both sides of your mouth to chew will help your gums get used to the gentle pressure. Once you get more confident eating with your dentures, you’ll be able to eat tougher foods like red meat and hard fruit.
TIP: if you need to bite down, use your canines aka eye teeth.
The long term view
Eating with your dentures will become a comfortable experience and eventually, you will be able to eat a very similar diet to the one you had before. Make sure you do take the time to prepare your food correctly especially if they are hard or sticky by nature.
Denture care
And like all things, if you take great care of your dentures they should last you a long time. Here are some quick tips on caring for your dentures:
  1. Brush dentures daily: using a soft-bristled brush and hand soap
  2. Soak dentures daily: using a denture cleaning solution
  3. May be necessary to leave your dentures out overnight
  4. Visit your dentist or prosthetist regularly: to make sure your denture fits correctly
With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy your new smile and life with dentures.
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